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Any commercial sphere invariably attracts scammers. The online trading industry, including Forex marketplaces, is no exception. Between 2020 and 2021, unscrupulous Forex brokers have only intensified and their number is growing rapidly. This type of scam is one of the most popular scams on the internet today. Day by day, the swindlers continue to deceive gullible traders, masquerading and hiding behind the mask of international reputable organizations.  In order not to add to the list of defrauded traders, it is important to study the regularly updated blacklists of Forex brokers and detailed reviews of swindlers' activity. 

We collect and thoroughly check the data about brokers-fraudsters in order to expose as many dishonest companies on the market as possible and tell traders about them. Compiling over a hundred reviews allows us to distinguish real online reviews from pre-bought ones, and fake praise articles from really objective ones.

This review is about some dubious brokerage project called Stratogon, which is located at

The project Stratogon, which is managed by a group of people, or perhaps one person, was created on a typical fraudulent, one-page site. However, this fact does not embarrass those who intend to cheat their customers of their money - the site is full of advertising, boilerplate phrases about their leadership and repeated appeals to actively invest in the platform for the promises of large profits.

Stratogon scam broker review review

Scammers don't care about the fact that they are not going to fulfill their promises. The main thing for the scammers is to attract attention and get the start-up fees. The thing is that the cooperation with the Stratogon project, as with many similar fake brokers, follows the traditional scenario: they collect deposits from traders, and customers are shown an illusion of trading operations. Everything happens in the program, managed by swindlers themselves, clients are not allowed into the real trading areas, and then a problem occurs, customers are ignored and then the site is closed. Sometimes clients are even notified of bankruptcy, but most often everything happens on the same day, without warning. In other words, with any variant, the scammers dissolve on the Internet with the money of their deceived clients, to immediately revive under another name and address and continue to deceive investors who will be so careless as to believe the advertising, the attractive website and generous promises.

Read, compare, study - this detailed review about the fraudulent broker Stratogon will point out the obvious reasons to refuse to cooperate with them and help save your money and time.

Types of trading accounts offered by Stratogon 

One of the basic information a trader needs when getting acquainted with a potential exchange broker, to whom he will entrust his money and devote his time to his trading platform, is information about the types of trading accounts.  On websites of respected brokers such important information is listed on the homepage or in a special separate section. 

However, it is not about the hero of our review — a Stratogon project. 

On their official website of the dubious project, which offers to invest in its platform and cryptocurrency, there is no description of the options to enter the trading platform. There is also no mention of the size of minimum deposits, no mention of leverage and other important indicators for traders. 

The only thing we managed to find out is the minimum deposit amount- $250. This data is listed at the end of paragraph 11 in the Terms of use!

Stratogon scam broker review news

This is a serious reason to suspect the project Stratogon of incompetence and inattention to the needs of even its customers who are willing to carry them their own money.  

Even if an investor opens a trading account and deposits the minimum required by Stratogon, it remains unknown what kind of risks and what exactly he will have to deal with when the registration on the site is completed and the money has already been sent to the specified account.

Alas, but should not be trusted, because their only goal is not the comfort and development of their investors, but to steal their money. And the scammer doesn't care who is on the other side of the monitor - a disabled person, who uses almost the only chance to earn money online for his treatment, or a woman who has to raise several children alone, or a man who is desperate to find a regular job after downsizing.

The main thing for scammers like the Stratogon project is to make a profit by deceiving others. 

Stratogon Trading conditions

The lack of really important information for traders on the official site of Stratogon is compensated by impressive figures about the number of countries where the company is allegedly represented, about satisfied clients, specialists and other fakes.

These unsubstantiated data fraudsters pass off as statistics. Thus, it is possible to provide any figures. The main thing is to create a pretty picture. For example, what eight thousand satisfied clients can we talk about, if the site does not have even an elementary description of the conditions of cooperation!

But the scammers are not stingy with their promises! On this issue Stratogon demonstrates enviable eloquence, describes in detail the bonuses and benefits of working with them - unconditional safety, high standards, favorable conditions - but does not specify what they are.

There are many such empty phrases on the official website of Stratogon which are suitable only for commercials. 

In this block, the only thing that is clear is that the customer will get 24/7 support if anything happens. However, as a rule, this very support service ends when a client approaches them with a problem with the withdrawal of money.

Stratogon scammers also try to attract users' attention with the names of popular cryptocurrencies that can be operated on their site.

But that's where Stratogon concludes its description of trading conditions. The company goes on to say that they know how to double customers' savings - their experts just know, that's all.

Again, there are no explanations nor specifics for each of the listed points.

In the Terms of use section, there is more information about bonuses. It lists various types of bonuses and nothing more: no amounts, amounts or percentages are specified. But it says that the company can change the conditions at its discretion. There is also an interesting note - the client has the right to count on the withdrawal of bonus amounts, if he meets all the conditions set by Stratogon. And we remember, as the fake broker himself pointed out, that the conditions can change at any time.

Most often it is a question of depositing an account with an amount equal to the bonus amount. But the broker credits virtual money and the client deposits his own real money. And there is no guarantee that the funds will be withdrawn.  Doubtful privilege for a client with such conditions. 

Since Stratogon, in fact, has no arguments why it is profitable to work with them, they prefer to replace them with standard information about the benefits of cryptocurrency deposits.

Similar generalized information can be observed in the Frequently Asked Questions section. Questions and answers absolutely do not characterize the project itself, do not allow to learn more about cooperation, features and working conditions.

This is all a clear confirmation that the site simply deceives gullible people. These are exactly the kind of template sites created by scammers who have nothing to say to their clients, and they don't care about it - the main thing for them is to collect the start-up fees and evaporate.

Stratogon Licenses

Now about another important point, which is a key characteristic of a brokerage project called Stratogon - the legitimacy.

As claimed by the Stratogon executives themselves, they are based in Poland. They even list their address, phone number, support email and license number.

A check on Google maps showed that the indicated address is Poland, ul. Komandorska, No. 18, place&post office Wrocław, code 54-343 is a shopping center, a sports hall, where at the entrance to the parking lot is a list of what's in the building. Naturally, the Stratogon name is missing.

In the About section, Stratogon describes itself as a reliable and helpful investment partner on the cryptocurrency market that is listed by ESCROW INTERNATIONAL SERVICE. 

There is no documentary confirmation of the connection of projects or companies with such names on the website.

Let's refer to the website of the PFSA regulator which licenses and monitors financial companies in Poland.

The website of the regulator does not mention the number of the mentioned license or the company itself.

This confirms the fears that we have before us of a typical scammer without documents, who lies to the contrary.

Let's see what the story of domain tells us.

We see that the site was registered at the end of April 2021. However, it was already updated at the end of August. 

This site is definitely not to be trusted! Scammers very often change the addresses of the sites, but the scheme of deception is always the same. To put your money on such a platform is a huge risk, which will end in the loss of capitals.

Stratogon Reviews online

On the Internet you can find only a link to the official site of the project Stratogon and a couple of short reviews with a warning that it is a scammer. The reviews also state that the reason for this assessment is the numerous negative reviews about the site, which left cheated traders. There are also praise reviews, which are all professionally done, to order.

However, we could not find any single mention of a company with that name in the reviews. It is likely that the Stratogon executives have carefully scrubbed the history of the project. 

Of course, everything was done intentionally to improve the reputation. It's hard to believe that a company that is represented in 150 countries does not have a single review on the Internet!

The scam site Stratogon is trying to persuade people to invest a lot of money in their platform through advertising, but it is all fake.

Safety and security of funds with Stratogon

Any kind of cooperation with Stratogon is dangerous: they are not traders, but scammers, and very brazen with huge appetites.

All their promises are lies. When cooperating with them, traders' capitals are in great danger - swindlers always do everything as fast as possible and use psychological tricks. These fellows have no license and are known to change websites frequently.


Stratogon at is a typical scammer. Investing money in the project does not make the slightest sense — it is very dangerous, you can lose all the money and additionally present your personal data to the swindlers. This project is a common trap, created by dexterous scammers.

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