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When you first look at the official site of the company Hallip, you get the impression that this Internet presentation was created in a hurry. The project presents itself as a pro in the field of online trading and persistently invites you to earn money on the trades, promising the mountain of gold and emphasizing its uniqueness, calling to trust it as the best broker in the chosen niche.

The Hallip scam brokerage project review review

In fact, the site pages are extremely uncomfortable to scroll. The information is minimal. Most of it is just empty phrases, behind which it is impossible to find more exact information that could be useful in the process of trading. It seems that the project is designed for beginners for whom any information will be interesting, because they have nothing to compare it with. Or maybe the broker simply does not consider it necessary to go into details, because it does not go further than collecting start-up fees and minimum trading operations. 

These questions as well as the level of legitimacy and the presence of licenses will be explained in our review. Read to the end to be aware of fraudsters' tricks beforehand, not when you ran into them at trading sites and were no longer able to get your money back.

Types of trading accounts offered by Hallip 

Like most online brokers, or those projects that pretend to be such, the company Hallip offers its clients a choice of several trading plans. On our platform which this review is dedicated to, in order to proceed to trading you need to choose any of the three submitted trading accounts with simple names: Mini, Standard, Premium.

The Hallip scam brokerage project review news

Navigation on the site is not convenient. There is no possibility to see the conditions of all trading accounts at once in order to compare advantages and add-ons. It is possible to see only one, with manual transitions between them. This is quite annoying and time consuming. In the screenshot for clarity we will show all tariff plans together, as it would be desirable to see on the official site of the broker.

What we see: the minimum amount of the initial deposit is $1000. This is not a small amount, although the broker says that this is the amount, with which you should start trading and with which you should not be sorry to part in case of failure. Other trading accounts (Standard, Premium) invite trades for a more significant fee - $25,000 and $50,000 respectively. 

Of course, the appetite of the company-mediator is not small, especially given the fact that they themselves do not give anything to the trader, except promises to support with advice through the 24-hour support service, and even then, this feature works only when it is beneficial to the company Hallip.

Hallip Trading conditions

The company Hallip has a standard set of offers on assets for trading operations. 

These are metals, currencies, energy and even cryptocurrency.  

Let's see what conditions online broker Hallip offers to work. Literally at once we want to ask him: how can you choose a broker for cooperation, which only generously throws around bright advertising slogans, and among its advantages the first item indicates trivial options, such as the presence of its own platform and the fact that the website is translated into several languages. What does a company expect by providing such information? Almost every project can boast of such "strengths". Perhaps those indicators, which for real brokers with a good reputation - is the norm, for companies that care about instant profit and prefer to deceive to lure as many customers as possible - is a way to present themselves brightly, to "throw dust" in the eyes of beginners.

Leverage is specified in various proportions and depends on the choice of plan. 1:2, 1:50 and 1:100, respectively.

In fact, in accordance with the norms of financial regulation there are certain indicators that can be used to determine the level of honesty of the broker.  So, the size of the leverage offered by brokerage companies, as a rule, varies depending on the jurisdiction under which it is licensed.  If we are talking about regulators who screen out fraudsters, such as the FCA, they allow brokers to offer leverage no higher than 1:30 for their retail traders. If we're talking about companies in offshore zones, then of course no one puts restrictions. As a result, scammers often involve their victims with higher leverage. If you see a company offering high leverage, you should definitely be wary and think hard about whether it's worth risking your capital, because it's not about a hundred or two dollars.

The Hallip broker didn't come up with anything new. Like most scammers in the field of trading they simply lure users with promises of large earnings on investments. People who believed the ads invested money (and a lot of it). At first, in order to make the victim gulp down the bait deeper, the broker even allows them to raise the profit. Maybe, a couple of times the swindlers will allow the withdrawal of funds, but it is very rare and if the withdrawal amount is small. Once the trader has made another large investment, the cheating scheme begins: the deposits are drained, the trader is told about numerous mistakes and problems, and in the end they simply block the account and ignore any attempts of the client to contact through any channels of communication.

With each new "discovery" that we display in this review, we are convinced that online broker Hallip is no reliable broker in the field of trading, but a banal scam, a typical scam of inexperienced investors for money. It makes absolutely no sense to invest financially in the project. This is a cooperation with a "stink": customers are simply cheated here by experienced (not financiers), but ordinary crooks. Do not contact another pseudo brokerage dump, because this project has nothing to do with the financial markets. 

Hallip Licenses

On its official website, the broker talks about being on the market for over four years. 

It mentions that it is an international company with offices scattered around the world. There is no proof of this assertion. Except that the information on the site is available in different languages.

By the way, it is strange that in the main, English-language version, the information about the regulators, which is located in the footer of the section on official documents, is not in English, but in Russian. 

What is this? Inattention, an incompetent approach of a globally popular company, a leader in the field of trading? 

Now about the documents. Or rather the lack of them. Links and screenshots of the license or other official documents on the website. But there is a list of various regulators, under the rules of which the company Hallip supposedly works. They are even accompanied by license numbers.

Let's turn to the website of one of these regulators. This is the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission of the State of Belize), which is listed first on the website of the broker. It has the license number: 04/38/HP/87.

Let's enter the data.

As one would expect. The scammers didn't even bother to look at the numbers the broker assigned to his licenses.

Unfortunately, with the rest of the regulators the picture is the same.

Let's also check the domain where is registered.

The registration dates back to 2009. The company mentions on its website that it has been operating for about four years. It turns out that Hallip is a typical scenario for most scammers: a frequent name change.

After checking the project for legitimacy we can say that this site is better not to trust! Scammers are working without licenses, changing the addresses of sites, leaving the scheme of fraud the same. A company that is caught cheating and may have a lot of fictitious names, just can not be guaranteed a good condition for trade. 

Hallip Reviews online

The company's presence in the market since 2009 should have left a lot of traces and mentions of itself. But there are only a couple of mentions of the Hallip project in a free Google and Yahoo search. On one site, the reviews are so slushy that they leave no doubt that they are custom-made. To believe fake reviews about a trading broker is to punish yourself financially.

For objectivity, you should look for real reviews online to weed out sites where scammers have bought fake articles and reviews in advance.

And here we had to be surprised.

For an international company with experience since 2009 we were able to find only a few reviews in Russian and only for the year 2021. 

And all of them are not in favor of Hallip. People write about how the broker stole their money.

As we assumed at the beginning of the review, all the promises of the Hallip broker are lies. The scammers do everything very quickly, using psychological tricks. Trusting the capital to Hallip is simply dangerous.

Safety and security of funds with Hallip

The gang of Hallip brand scammers is not one fake broker, there are several middlemen involved for sure. Hallip is a fraudulent company. The project is not designed to multiply your capitals, but to capture your money under the guise of promises of high earnings from investing. After transferring a large sum, Hallip plums its clients, blocks the account, rejects the application for withdrawal of money, i.e. does everything possible to make money in any way. And then the scammers just change the name.

Any kind of cooperation with the site is dangerous.



Hallip is a representative of the old guard of scammers who often change the site addresses and trick gullible people into making money. As traders themselves write, on the Hallip trading platform all trades are fake, no one is allowed on the real market. The scammer, who works without a single license, swindles very large amounts of money, but does not return anything to his clients.

It is very expensive and unpromising to get involved with such a broker. 

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