The price of cooperation with a scam broker Global Alliance: the facts review

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Primarily nowadays the information about any brand, product or service is searched on the internet. If a company or product comes to the attention of users, most of them immediately try to share their impression of the experience. It's quite normal when a product gets completely opposite reviews. As you know: as many people, so many opinions. It is quite a different situation when a company has been operating for more than a month, advertising itself, but there are still no reviews in the global network. Or another version, when there are reviews, but they are all exclusively positive and very similar to one another. 

So it is reasonable to ask whether the company promotes its business honestly, if even at the first acquaintance you already have a feeling of cheating and a premonition that you are dealing with a scammer. In this way the online brokerage company Global Alliance can be described.

It would seem that the reviews began to appear just a few months ago, but the company has already gained a reputation for scammers in the field of online trading. Apparently, something went wrong, since the traders have reached such a verdict. Let's look into it.

Fake dates from the Global Alliance company

The price of cooperation with a scam broker Global Alliance: the facts review review

In addition to a number of laudatory reviews, the idea that this company is a "scammer" is suggested by the dates. If the company itself on its official website mentions six years of experience, then why haven't traders talked about such a broker as Global Alliance all this time? 

After checking it out, it turns out that the Global Alliance broker`s start of activity is dated December 24.2020 - such a "present" for the Catholic Christmas eve! The most interesting thing is that the first reviews about the frauds of this broker were recorded in the middle of spring last year, i.e. before the appearance of the company itself. Is it a mysticism? Definitely not. The Global Alliance scammers simply changed the website address, i.e. they decided to zero out their rather tarnished rating by registering a new domain.

The deceitful Global Alliance broker`s business card 

The price of cooperation with a scam broker Global Alliance: the facts review news

If you judge by “the clothes”, then you could say that Global Alliance is "dressed according to the latest fashion". A spectacularly and professionally designed website, filled with bright phrases, charts, visuals, catchy quotes "with meaning" and pictures of opinion leaders in the field of trading. It seems that the Global Alliance owners made such a big deal with the "facade" of their brokerage to distract attention from the essence. 

At the same time there aren't even any photos of the company's executives on the site. 

As a rule, this is the tactics chosen by the founders of scam business, which are created in order to seize the traders' finances by deception.

Just like a boa constrictor hunts rabbits, the Global Alliance scammers hypnotize newcomers with stunning statistics, attracting attention with high indicators.

The Global Alliance scam broker contact information section review

The official internet page of the scammers contains the following contact information: 

  • phone number; 
  • email address of the support service; 
  • the actual registration address.

It is also potentially possible to contact the company through a feedback form. 

At first glance, everything seems normal. But what exactly should be read between the lines:

  • registration in a popular offshore zone is a tactic of most con artists;
  • checking the actual address is a waste of time, effort, and money;
  • messages and questions sent by the feedback form on the site, simply remain unanswered.

Conclusions are inevitable - despite the fact that the data for trading (quotes, indicators, etc.) are constantly updated and are relevant, the support service is just for show, in fact it does not exist. Only swindlers can set priorities in such a way, focusing only on their own profit, rather than on the comfort of traders at their site. 

Global Alliance broker's false legitimacy

A number of inconsistencies in the promises and facts of the broker could be "turned a blind eye" if the documents are "clean". And to be more specific - obligatory presence of an official brokerage license, which is issued to such organizations by the regulator. But even here there is a "puncture". 

When specifying the list of documents of secondary importance, the website omits the most important one - the license.

An interesting observation is that on the "About Us'' page, bright, clear fonts and contrasting shades have been chosen. In the section on legal documents, which should potentially guarantee the safety of trading and its participants on the site, the background tones and fonts are as pale as possible. Is it accidently? It's hardly so. More likely, it's a deliberate decision, a visual manipulation.

It may seem a lyrical digression, but the fact is that there is no license and the broker is illegal, i.e. it is a swindler who violates the law in the field of trading. 

The review of terms and conditions for Global Alliance traders

The more deceitful the swindler, the brighter and more generous his promises. Global Alliance can be judged by the advertising of trading conditions on the site. Namely:

  • the possibility to trade over 140 different assets (raw materials, benchmark currencies, securities, etc.);
  • an open access to 6 types of accounts;
  • good bonus program of incentives. 

In their reviews, traders focus on the "vagueness" of the conditions, as well as the lack of basic service. For example, the "Start" plan (entry fee of $250) does not provide for customer support service help. Not a bad income per person, is it? And the fact that his account can be sent to the "ban" for any reason - it does not interest the broker.

To test how the platform works is impossible due to the lack of a demo account, as is customary on the sites of reputable online brokers. 

The presence of a section devoted to the training of "young" traders is more of an advertisement, because the knowledge is not given there. The courses, webinars and videos are superficial and designed for inexperienced users, the kind of information that is freely available on the Internet. 

What traders say about Global Alliance broker

If you don't take into account the self-congratulatory ode to the scammer, you can find the feedback from real traders who, alas, have not managed to avoid meeting with Global Alliance. It's not easy to do, because the company thoroughly "cleans up" the information about itself in the network, which again is a fraud. 

For the most part, the sentiment in these reviews is extremely negative. 

How Global Alliance deceives its traders

Victims of fraud fall for a classic scheme of scam projects. The bait is a bright presentation and painted benefits that blunt the user's vigilance. As a result, they sign an agreement, read it inattentively, don't check the information provided, deposit money into the account, and end up deceived.

The review recap about the scam broker Global Alliance

Global Alliance is a fake broker with a good website. Posing as a major player in the sphere of brokerage operations, scammers extort themselves in the network, at the same time embezzling clients' money by blocking their withdrawals.

Be extremely vigilant players -  the trading scammers do not sleep!

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