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Financially attractive offers of trading on the Internet attract users who want to make money on the Forex market. However, such options for making profit are often extremely risky because there are always a lot of scammers around potential investors. Scammers under the guise of reliable intermediaries for brokerage operations lure clients with attractive promises, and then take their money.

For example, if you look at the homepage of the official website of a brokerage project called Trade Vision Group, the company looks quite convincing and even respectable.

Trade Vision Group scam broker review review

Alas, however, the detailed study often leads to the appearance of not so optimistic facts that negatively evaluate the characteristics of the project. 

In this case, the disappointment begins literally immediately - the site is of poor quality, bright blue background is poorly chosen, however, as well as the font. Navigation is inconvenient and in general all works very slowly. The information that is important for traders who are willing to invest their money in the platform is obviously not enough. The official resource of the project, which presents itself as a world leader in the Forex market, is low-quality and uninformative.

And this is a serious bell, which may indicate that the project is backed by crooks who are only interested in robbing their customers. The low quality of the site and the absence of key data on the resource is often an indication that fraudsters have a well-established script: after a few months of the site, which began to receive too much negative feedback from deceived customers simply disappears. It is a common practice to quickly replace one site with another, with a clean reputation, not tarnished in scams. But the goal and objectives of the new project will be exactly the same.

What happens to investors' money in this case is probably not worth explaining - everything that is transferred to the accounts of such companies settles in the pockets of scammers. As for the personal data of clients, everything is more complicated here. No matter what is promised on websites, no matter what convincing stories about reliability and security when cooperating with a dubious brokerage project, most often databases are spread among similar fraudulent projects that will do their best to get the user to invest his capitals again. 

A detailed objective review of the Trade Vision Group company will help users who are interested in trading to save time and nerves, as well as save their money from scammers.

Types of trading accounts offered by Trade Vision Group

On the official Trade Vision Group website, users are offered to join a Real Account and Islamic Account.

Trade Vision Group scam broker review news

There is no detailed description of the existing types of trading accounts on this platform. If you activate the section on Accounts, you can only get information on how exactly to open a real account. 

As you can see, this is a kind of instruction. Without a description of conditions, size of deposits, mentioning the leverage and other important data, which helps traders to assess risks, predict their chances and generally decide whether it is interesting to cooperate with this particular broker.

The same information sheet can be seen on the following pages.

This is general information, which simply gives a standard description of the peculiarities of similar types of accounts at online brokers.

Studying the functionality of the site we find another section devoted to accounts - Deposit.

However, even here it is not possible to find details of the trader's work. There is no important information.

They do not count on more detailed information. Just another typical standard instruction, which is relevant to the sphere of trading, but has no relation to the concrete company Trade Vision Group, because it does not disclose the conditions for trading operations, the amount of the minimum allowable deposit and other important indicators.

As a rule, it is cheaters who deliberately prefer not to make such data public. This is done in order to have as many traders as possible to register and deposit any amount of money, and then, perhaps, Trade Vision Group will share more information with them. In any case, even if the user chooses not to invest in the platform, his personal information has already been added to the database of fraudsters.

And that, at a minimum, means a lot of annoying phone calls, messages to all messengers and emails.  As a rule, in order not to lose a potential investor, scammers use different methods - from sympathy to aggression. 

Be careful when getting acquainted with such a shady and secretive project as Trade Vision Group.

Trade Vision Group Trading conditions

As for the description of the trading conditions, the official website of the Trade Vision Group presents the same picture as the description of the trading accounts. Standard list of instruments, found on the site of every brokerage project.

The traditional promises of profits and everything a trader could wish for.

And also, on the Trade Vision Group's website there is another alarm signal - a story about no fees and zero commission. 

By comparison, the profits of the brokers with a good reputation are just the commissions.  If Trade Vision Group is trying to lure clients by the absence of commissions, then there are all the signs of fraud with traders' deposits, such as refusals to satisfy clients' withdrawal requests. This is a typical practice of the overwhelming majority of online scammers.

On top of everything else, Trade Vision Group offers obvious options that are obvious to 21st century users.

Trading via computer, smartphone and other dubious bonuses is uninteresting for experienced traders and is unlikely to captivate even newbies.

Trade Vision Group Licenses

One of the main issues to pay attention to when choosing a broker is the legitimacy of the exchange intermediary. More and more often on the Internet there is a probability to run into old, experienced scammers who run a new project. In other words, simple sites are created with the same people behind them who professionally deceive their users by taking their money. Such a case in point is the Trade Vision Group project.

Although, the swindlers assure users on their official site that they are operating legally.

The owner of the site is shown in very small print in the footer. He is also the manager of the project, but more detailed information can be found in the section Terms and Conditions.

It mentions a company called Lencher ExPro LLC, registration number 1005 LLC 2021, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines, which is licensed by the local registrar FSA.

Moreover, the fact that the parent company is registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines is another warning signal not to do business with them. Investors are not protected at all when dealing with offshore companies, scammers are well aware of this and take advantage of impunity to deceive customers. 

Despite the fact that the FSA registrar has issued a license to the company, which is listed as the owner, there is no documentary evidence of Trade Vision Group Lencher ExPro LLC. This is a confirmation that you can cover as many projects as you want with the parent company. 

In case of problems, the scammers will simply delete the Trade Vision Group website or the line about the owner, and there is simply no other proof that they belong to some company called Lencher ExPro LLC. In essence, we are dealing with a fake broker, on the trading platform of which all transactions are fake! 

As for the contacts, we can see only a phone number and email address. 

The site does not contain the registration date of the project. There is only an indication that they are world-renowned. By the way, the site is offered in English, German and Polish - as if to confirm its popularity. In fact, it means nothing and can not improve the reputation of the company, which has nothing but the name and questionable owner.

As the service checks domain addresses WhoIs, the site, which hosted the Trade Vision Group project was registered less than 10 days ago - October 18, 2021.

What kind of world fame can we talk about if the company hasn't even been registered for a month yet? It is certainly not worth believing the dubious project without the documents, let alone entrusting your money!

Trade Vision Group Reviews online

On the Internet there is no mention of the online broker with the name Trade Vision Group and the website Therefore, there is not a single review. We hope that they have not managed to cheat a single user yet, and our review of the dubious company will help many investors to avoid being cheated by Trade Vision Group in the future.

Safety and security of funds with Trade Vision Group

Trade Vision Group tells about some accounts which are the guarantee of security of clients' money.

This information is unconfirmed. You can only check its veracity in person. However, practice shows that all these lies were invented by swindlers to advertise in order to entice as many users as possible.

If you carefully read the Terms and Conditions section you'll see that Trade Vision Group is not going to take responsibility for anything.

Despite the fact that at any moment Trade Vision Group may block the client's account, the scammers bear no responsibility for it, and of course no one gives a guarantee that this will not happen.


Trade Vision Group is a phantom company. A fake project run by real fraudsters. They offer non-existent trading platforms, but invite you to invest real money. The project has no license and the company they refer to as the owner and manager is registered in an offshore zone.

You should not cooperate with such a dubious intermediary in exchange operations if you want to save your money.

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