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A sphere where there is an opportunity to make money will always be under the scrutiny of scammers and swindlers.  Online trading significantly simplifies the task of many financial swindlers around the world: the participants of the trading process can be located anywhere in the world, because the Internet erases boundaries. When trading online it is virtually impossible to check whether the chosen intermediary is real, where in fact he is and, in general, what do you have to deal with - a single person or a company? There are a lot of questions. This does not mean that traders must necessarily give up investing. The main thing is to be prudent, to check information about a potential exchange intermediary.

We will use a certain company called Tredero, which is the example of our review today, to point out the main points that are important when choosing a broker. We also want to discuss common practices of swindlers in the field of online trading.

Tredero, a project that offers financial services, is located on the Internet at Probably it was through the official page that the company owners decided to express the individuality of the proposed project. Each section takes a very long time to load; you have to wait more than 10 seconds. The inscriptions are jumping and flashing, there is a feeling of some kind of madness. Even at first sight it is not difficult to call the broker Tredero questionable. However, the company positions itself differently, believing that they are leaders who can lead the trader to success, powerful and innovative.

Tredero scam broker review review

The structure of the site, as well as the visuals, of course do not fit anywhere. To the negative attributes, you can also connect first and foremost the structure of the site and the explosive visuals, which seem to attack and scream at the user who arrives at the page. It is amazing how quickly some brokers, and Tredero is no exception, provide access to the user account and the subsequent use of the trading software. It is possible that because of such an easy access algorithm any user can enter any page and get a stolen first deposit. 

The website is only available in English. It is quite difficult to double-check any information on the site, because even to return to the previously opened page requires a long wait. When getting acquainted with the official website of Tredero there is a feeling of fatigue from the long wait for pages to load, the flickering of images and little information. Read in our detailed review about Tredero where we tell why we categorically do not recommend cooperating with this fake project.

Types of trading accounts offered by Tredero

Before joining the trading platform, it's important for traders to understand the minimum deposit amount, the types of trading accounts and so on.

But there is no information about the types of trading accounts on Tredero's website.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section, there's only a brief recommendation to search for everything yourself, using the site navigation.

Tredero scam broker review news

However, this is fake information. No data can be found on the site in any section because no one has posted them there.

On Tredero's website, it is impossible to get information about the amount of leverage that this broker provides. There is no mention of such data. It is likely that the broker deliberately withholds the information. It is possible that here the trader is faced with too high figures, which is a clear sign that this is an offshore broker.  The reason is that most of the reputable regulators have declared the prohibition for the companies which have been issued licenses to offer the retail traders the leverage more than 1:30-50.

Anything higher means that the broker just does not have a license or it is registered offshore, which is almost the same thing: the trader will not be legally protected in any case.

Tredero Trading conditions

When mentioning the trading conditions, the official website offers template information, typical for such companies.

Nothing specific, no figures, graphs or statistics.

Be that as it may, the web-trader lets us know that users can join trading currency pairs of Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and futures. 

As for the spreads, for the most popular currency pair EUR/USD, the figures are about two pips. At first glance, this is a very attractive trading cost.We also see that Tredero offers to join the web platforms. The site offers different types of trading software. 

This and access to Metatrader 5, which is an industry standard platform that has powerful automatic trading functions and many other features. But it's just a screen. If you install MT5, it turns out that the Tredero server cannot be detected on it.

It turns out that the information on the official website of the company Tredero - an empty advertisement, without confirmed opportunities in reality. It turns out that the platforms have nothing to do with the questionable broker.

The actual trading platform of broker Tredero is a simplified web-based software, which is not of the same interest as those claimed in the advertisement.

Moreover, the platform is not even able to fully load. As a result, there is no way to know how the Tredero spreads in practice. The broker himself does not say anything about it on his website.

When you create an account on the Tredero platform, the program automatically takes you to the deposit page. But that's where the journey into the realm of trading with Tredero came to an end before it had even begun. Because the transition to the next stage was blocked by the message "coming soon".

This means that there is no way to find out and check the information about the methods and probably the size of the deposits in practice.  

It all looks strange and questionable to trust such a broker with one's capitals.

Tredero Licenses

From the pages of its website fraud broker Tredero swears that it is a respected legitimate project.

Perhaps if it weren't for such a low-brow website, which raised many doubts and questions, one would believe these stories. Especially since the company itself assures that it operates under some sort of oversight by the state regulator.

There is even a mention of the license number in the footer of the site. But the place where it was obtained is alarming - Mauritius. This is an offshore zone, and, accordingly, nothing good can come of it for a trader.

When getting acquainted with the Tredero, it becomes clear that it is a lock of cards: if you pull one, it begins to crumble. It is known that in order to obtain a license to conduct financial activities in Mauritius, a broker must have a minimum of $25,000. All licensed brokers are listed in a database, which can be viewed on the website of the local regulatory authority.

In order to get a license to operate in Mauritius, a broker must have between $25,000 and $250,000 depending on the type of license sought. License holders can be found in the Mauritius Regulatory Authority's online database. We checked the name of the alleged parent company, which Tredero calls Oneprime Ltd. on its website. 

Here the crooks gave themselves away. There is not a single mention of the name Tredero in the registry. Therefore, the message that the trading name of the company is a very dubious statement, which is not documented.

The inconsistency of details, the reference to some offshore broker as the parent company are all strange and very typical of scammers.

Let's see what the WhoIs service will tell us about

It says here that the site was registered in April 2021. The parent company was licensed in 2020. This means that this so-called parent company could have any number of projects. This is usually how numerous online financial scammers behave. They register or buy some offshore companies. They start up about a dozen or more projects. They say that the project is licensed, it just has a different - trading name, while the parent company has a license. 

But they don't provide documentary proof and it is impossible to find it - it doesn't exist.

So in our case - Tredero in reality is a common ghost - a project without a license, behind which stand swindlers.

Tredero Reviews online

For six months of presence of a site on the Internet the project at has collected a certain quantity of the deceived and disappointed clients. 

Investors are warning that Tredero should not be dealt with - they are just plain stupid scammers.

This project has no normal information about trading conditions, account types, no license, no working declared options on the website - nothing that could be an argument for cooperation with this dubious platform.

Working with Tredero is definitely not recommended.

Safety and security of funds with Tredero

You can't make money with Tredero. One should not hope that this project can be a reliable trading partner. The reason is not the time and experience. The whole thing is that this project was originally conceived as a platform to lure customers with fraudulent advertising and stealing their money through its website.

All the risks have been shifted to the customers.  You should not trust such a dubious incompetent office.


Tredero is an ordinary fraudster who does not have enough intelligence to even tidy up his site. What brokerage services in the field of trading they are trying to convince everybody if nothing works on their site. There is no information. There is no license. All this is one big deception and scam, not the reliable cooperation with the broker. The money will be safer if traders refuse from such an extremely dubious project.

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