What is the 11traders.com or a scam company review

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In order to tell what the brokerage company is all about, a cursory acquaintance with the official website of the company and a couple of online reviews are not enough. An impartial and accurate review is possible only after a careful study of the data published on the website and correlating itto reality, the results of competent sources (regulators, domain check, the opinion of the real traders, etc.). In this review we will bring 11traders.com company to the light.

Types of trading accounts offered by 11traders.com

Unlike most brokerage companies offering different types of accounts, minimum deposits and conditions, at 11traders.com there is only one type of trading account.

What is the 11traders.com or a scam company review review

The main thing is that the trader must deposit a minimum of $200. Conditions will be equal for all, regardless of experience and investment opportunities.

Such amount of the minimum deposit is usually set by the intermediary companies, which conduct financial operations through the "third", "fifth", etc., i.e. through other intermediaries (the so-called "ghosts"), of which the client will not even know. Until he is faced with the need to return the funds, but can not do so because of the lack of documentary evidence of payments. 

11traders.com Trading conditions

The Company offers income when working with binary options. 

What is the 11traders.com or a scam company review news

When working with the bot, clients are promised the possibility to trade automatically 24/7 and guaranteed profit even if the balance is low

According to the information on the official 11traders.com website, purchasing this option package will be a real boon for the trader.

Maybe it is so, but we cannot exclude the possibility that most likely in the beginning (once or twice after the start) scammers let clients withdraw money so that the investor believes in them and invests some more. The scammer prefers to "bend over" from time to time for more "kush". With such an approach, it is much easier to convince the next victims to make large investments, and then cheat and secure higher profits from the scam. 

Unfortunately, very often attractive pictures, honest and profitable conditions at first sight are the bait that gullible clients actively "gulp down". And 11traders.com is no exception: it assures in absence of selfishness relating to the clients and emphasizes its own altruism. This is a deliberate lie, since the main motive of each intermediary is to profit from the trader's failures.

11traders.com Licenses

Let's move on to one of the key stages of the review - checking the online project for legitimacy, i.e. the availability of appropriate permissions and supporting documents.

Let's start with getting information about the domain.

Xolphin SSL Check shows that the company's SSL certificate is valid. However, there is some controversy here as well.

If you go into the technicalities, it should be noted that there are different levels of SSL certification. There are paid types and free ones. Using the latter type of level is actively practiced by online scammers. Although, we must admit, having a free certificate is better than no certificate at all.

The site of an independent service WhoIs, where you can check the registration information about the owners of domain names, IP-addresses and offline systems, got the following information:

The indicators show a number of negative signs for the trader. 

  • The company has no past.

The site was registered a few months ago, in 2020. But the company itself states right in the text of the logo that they have been trusted since 2010. I wonder who and for what? Due to the pandemic and the fall of the global economy, in the spring-winter of 2020, companies began to appear like mushrooms that offer trading intermediaries using various tools. As a rule, all of them are crooks.

  • The company has a dubious present.

11traders.com has few visitors. Odd for a company that calls itself #1 in its chosen niche.

  • It is unlikely that the company has a future.

This topic could be debated for a long time. However, we checked whether the site is optimized for search engines. The result indicated that it wasn't. Why is the company not interested in having the site found through the major search engines? It's a red flag that an online binary options company does not have a website optimized for search engines, even after several months of operation. This is usually an indication that the company is hiding from regulatory agencies, including trademark protection agencies.

What about business licenses?

The website does not show the actual address of the company's office. In case of questions, customers are invited to use the feedback form on the site or go to Telegram, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. 

There's not a single mention of documentation on the site. We don't know where the company is based or what regulator might have licensed it. 

Still we decided to give 11traders.com a chance and tried to find proof of legality of their activities. In other words, we checked the data on the websites of British, American and Cypriot regulators.

After three attempts we gave up and decided not to waste our time.

When we checked the domain, we found out that the site is registered to a certain Angelina Brown, and its location is in the USA.

Most likely, it is a fake project, the task of which, without too much trouble, to quickly collect the users' money and disappear into the network, and then appear under a new name.

This so-called company has neither registration, nor an actual address, nor a license, i.e., as they say, neither shame nor conscience. Working with 11traders.com, you can expect that all clients' money will be stolen. 

11traders.com Reviews online

Since the site is quite young, I managed to find a couple of reviews on third-party sites, or rather social networks, which, unfortunately for the company, are negative. In contrast to the praise (and most likely fake) offered to visitors on the pages of the official site 11traders.com.

It's strange that the site is offered only in English, while the Fb account, as well as the only review I managed to find there, is in Russian. It is possible that this is not an isolated case, and the site is set up by scammers who are interested in stealing their customers' money.

Overall, to date, 11traders.com deserves only a score of confidence below average.

In addition to the fact that the site has relatively few visitors, the scammer cheats even those few traders who become its clients.

If the company was honest, few visitors in the first few months after launch is the norm. The problem is that 11traders.com calls itself nothing but a big corporate popular site, but as we can see, this is a lie.

As practice shows, the scammers change the addresses of the sites quite often, but they cheat gullible young traders on the old as the world scheme.

There is simply no point in becoming an investor in such a project; more often than not, such business projects will fail, and traders will simply lose time and money.

Safety and security of funds with 11traders.com

The company says that it reserves the right to use customers' personal data (name, email address, computer IP address, etc.) for the purposes of operating and improving the service. 11traders.com also warns that it may share the personal data of its customers with third-party companies, which they engage to customize and improve the service.

The company also mentioned that they are not interested in the financial security of their clients' accounts. 

Moreover, it openly declares that all those who are not satisfied with the company's policy can simply leave the platform. With such statements, the company hardly claims to be such an intermediary, which shows attention to the client, doing everything possible for his comfort and safety of his funds.

Often traders are faced with such a typical scheme of scammers - the office is fake, the specified numbers are not reachable, and sending letters to their email or sms to their social network accounts, you have to wait a long time for an answer, mostly in vain.

Do not count on CFBroker trading platforms to make real trades - there are none. Fraudsters operate with fake charts, hiding the real conditions behind a show filled with bright but empty promises and pretty pictures.

Collecting  the sums in the beginning, that starting from $200, it is possible that sooner or later the company will offer the investor to collect more money to play "in the big way". 

Choosing such a fraudulent intermediary, the trader is not protected by the law. As a result, most of the big games end in a major failure. As a rule, everything is instantly cut short when the scammer's client wants to withdraw the money.



Company 11traders.com - belongs to swindlers who created this project in order to take your money by deception, hiding behind the beautiful "packing" - a nice website design, attractive promises of high income as a result of investment. As it turns out, it is an anonymous online scam, a company designed to steal rather than help you make money. 

It is extremely unwise to get involved with a hoax site, let alone to trust such a fake company with your capital. Cooperation with such a company in any form is dangerous.  Our review shows that elusive scammers have become more resourceful and assertive.  Beware! It is unlikely that the fraudsters planned the deposit made by the client for the sake of making money on the financial markets. 

Information on the official website of the company as a whole, and in each section in particular, is false, but has been prepared and presented using a number of more effective psychological techniques. 

The site 11traders.com is not trustworthy!  

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