Amazon introduces penalty system for Twitch users

 Are you a user of the video game service Twitch? Be careful and watch yourself how you behave offline! From now on, a system of fines will be applied to those users, who will be found guilty of off-line behavior.

The punishment will not be from the police or the other law enforcement officials, but the largest online retailer Amazon (USA), which owns the video game service Twitch since 2014, from that historic moment for the whole  online world, when the financial offer of Google was broken and the purchase amounted to $970 million in cash. Information about special punishment for the users confirmed by the head of the service's Press Service

Who is at risk of being sanctioned by Amazon

Amazon introduces penalty system for Twitch users review

The key users of the streaming video platform are gamers of different age groups from different countries. The platform is mainly used for Livestream during gameplay.

In early April 2021, Twitch announced an overhaul of its policy on negative user behavior. In order to prevent the mass abuse not only online but also offline, and in accordance with the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the company goes to extremes and introduces a system of fines for those who behave inappropriately in real life, thereby threatening the peace of the community, but also those around them.

This same example has been followed by a number of other online platforms, which are especially popular among young people and teenagers.

The service is concerned not only about what goes on the air, but about the fact that for the sake of popularity, people allow themselves the inappropriate behavior, take it on video and spread it on the network, provoking others to act in a similar way.

Amazon introduces penalty system for Twitch users news

From now on, Twitch accounts will be blocked by the administration for an indefinite period in case of detecting content with scenes of any aggression and violence against any living creature, nature or property, including violence that leads to the death of the victim or torturer, terrorist activity, abuse of the younger generation, sexual exploitation involving children and sexual violence.

For its part, the service plans to actively track down violators of these requirements, and will enlist the support of experienced lawyers whose company handles the relevant investigations. The lawyers will also monitor the legitimacy of Twitch's decisions and, based on the evidence, determine whether the service's claims against its users are justified.

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