Polkadot: concept, history of creation, features of technology
Polkadot is the next generation blockchain protocol (sharding multichain protocol). The open-source technology allows combining different blockchains into a single network - multiblockchain, increasing their level of interoperability.  Polkadot's development is based on a comprehensive representation of the network, which applies the pioneering work of previous blockchain networks with the offerings of its own fundamental…
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Top DeFi-tokens that could be very surprising in 2021
When it comes to digital currencies, the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. However, the field of mining is astonishingly diverse. If you're interested in cryptocurrencies, altcoins are worth a look. Altcoin sphere: understandable about the complex  The term "altcoin" means "alternative bitcoin." Since there is no centralized regulation of the cryptocurrency market,…
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Bitcoin is breaking records. Reasons and prospects for the impetuous takeoff
Every modern person knows the term “Bitcoin”. Opinions about the innovative payment network and the new kind of money of the same name, which cannot be touched, vary dramatically. Most are confident that the "fashion" for popularizing Bitcoin will soon pass, but there are also those who are confident in the coin's future, calling the…
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