Facebook announced the development of an Instagram version for users under 13

The global digitization of modern society attracts people of different ages to social networks. The fact is that the content of existing social networks is designed for an adult audience. For example, according to the current policy of one of the most popular social networks in the world, Facebook, users under the age of 13 are prohibited from using the service.

Facebook is interested in young audience

Facebook announced the development of an Instagram version for users under 13 review

Facebook management has identified another priority area of the company's work for the near future: reaching out to yet another category of users: the younger generation. This is a promising project, which in the future will bring the company a good profit and even greater popularity. As the result they made a decision to launch the unique project which has no analogues so far - to create a safe version of Instagram social network (which also belongs to Fb) intended only for children audience, i.e. for users not older than 12 years.

The news was spread by VP of Product Instagram Vishal Shah. Employees of the company received emails from him with relevant information.

The new social network will protect young users from unlawful actions on the part of adults. For example, one of the steps to the safety of the children's version of Instagram will be the restriction of correspondence of children with unfamiliar older subscribers.

The image of Instagram for kids 

Facebook announced the development of an Instagram version for users under 13 news

The development of the new project will be supervised by the first persons of Instagram: the head of the social network Adam Mosseri and the vice-president Pavni Diwanji who has experience in the company Google with projects, focused on the children's audience including the popular application YouTube Kids (for children under 12 years).


The developers are looking at the most effective ways to protect members of the children's audience online. In fact, it will be such a version of Instagram, which will give parents access to exercise control over their child's account. 

Now the project is at the stage of research and development.

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