Gifts from Apple: updated FaceTime and Siri, as well as new features for iPhone and iPad

Apple held a presentation of the next versions of the operating systems, which the iPhone and iPad owners can already try on their devices. 

What's new? Now it's possible to manage notifications, as well as take advantage of multitasking options. Users will definitely appreciate the FaceTime and Siri updates, which are available even in the absence of Internet connection.

New products from Apple in 2021

The company gathered WWDC 2021 developers at its annual conference to present new versions of iOS and iPadOS operating systems Also, conference participants learned about upcoming innovations. 

  • Notifications in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

There will be an updated design that will enhance the user experience, as follows: 

  1. the app icon will increase in size;
  2. the sender's photo will be displayed next to messenger messages.
Gifts from Apple: updated FaceTime and Siri, as well as new features for iPhone and iPad review
  • The Focus feature.

Notifications will be managed depending on the user's activities at a particular moment. Moreover, it will be possible to set more than one "status", which will more accurately reflect life situations ("driving", "at work", "in a gym"). The user will also be able to select the alerts that should be displayed at that moment. Determining the status of the user will happen in automatic mode, i.e. fully entrusted to the artificial intelligence.

  • Widgets on iPad

You will be able to install them in different places on the screen. For example, before the updates, this was available exclusively on the left side of the screen. This solution will not limit visibility when searching for the necessary application. 

There are innovations for the Locator service: search for disconnected devices and devices with erased data, including the transfer of location data from family members (friends who have been allowed to share such data). 

Separation Alerts also alert the user to forgetfulness by reminding them to pick up an AirTag, an Apple device, or an accessory in the Locator service network in an unfamiliar location. The Locator service network now supports AirPods Pro and AirPods Max headphones. With the new Locator widget, you can see all the information you need on your Home screen at a glance. 

  • Widgets on iPadOS 

A "library of applications" will appear in the form of a special screen, where all installed programs will be moved and automatically divided into groups.

  • The appearance of special buttons 

For maximum comfort of iPad owners, who practice simultaneous use of several applications, in iPadOS will be added special buttons, using which it will be possible to divide the tablet screen into two parts, independently determining a comfortable proportion. In addition there will be a so-called "shelf" to display all the currently open programs. 

  • Live Translate iPad app 

Thanks to the functionality of the application you can get a translation of any inscriptions (in photos, web pages). 

Gifts from Apple: updated FaceTime and Siri, as well as new features for iPhone and iPad news
  • App Privacy Report for new versions of iOS and iPadOS

This is a special screen that will show the applications for which the user data is available, as well as the frequency of their collection. The screen will be located in the settings of the operating system. Mail and Safari applications will also learn to automatically hide the IP address of the device. 

  • FaceTime 
  1. It will be possible to use this technology outside of the Apple ecosystem. I.e. for Android and Windows users the function of making video calls through a special web version of the application will become available. 
  1. Additionally, the service allows sharing a special link to the video conference, making the connection possible for everyone.
  2. For FaceTime users there will be a possibility to watch movies and listen to music together. Thanks to the SharePlay feature, there will be synchronized playback of tracks/videos on multiple devices. Additionally it will be possible to share the screen. 
  3. Support for popular streaming services (Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Apple Music).
  • Siri voice assistant 

It will function even when there is no Internet connection (technically, the commands will be processed directly on the device), which will increase the safety and speed of using the assistant. The Internet will be needed only for some Siri functions - network search. 

Also Siri will be seen by users of devices from other manufacturers, such as "smart" thermostats Ecobee.  

  • The new operating system for Apple computers and laptops 

Features of the platform, which are prepared for macOS Monterey will be announced a little later. To date, we know about its improvement and better compatibility with iOS and iPadOS: the same keyboard and mouse. Can be connected to an Apple tablet and computer. 

A number of features may be unavailable in some regions and may not support some languages, and are subject to change as Apple will announce. 

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