The “TechnoKing” of Tesla or the new official Elon Musk`s corporate name

Elon Musk, who is the symbol of the famous American company, that is the manufacturer of electric cars and solutions for electric energy storage, its inspirer, engineer and investor, who likes to surprise the public, has once again distinguished himself. 

On March 15, 2021 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission received a regular Tesla, which not only named Elon Musk as an engineer, but also mentions him as  a "TechnoKing of Tesla".

The reason for this decision remains as a mystery: the company gives no official comments.

However, this is not enough for Tesla. 

The name for the company's CFO has been also changed, or rather, expanded. Henceforth, Zach Kirkhorn is not just a Chief Financial Officer/ He is a "Master of Coin".

The “TechnoKing” of Tesla or the new official  Elon Musk`s corporate name review

Both Musk and Kirkhorn will now have two company names - the previous (traditional) one and the new one (original, like in the cult series "Game of Thrones").

This year in February, Tesla officially announced its acquisition of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency benchmark. The investment amounted to $1.5 billion. Moreover, Tesla plans to allow its customers to pay their bills in cryptocurrency.

In 2021 the company follows an updated investment policy. This strategy allows us to be as flexible as possible in terms of expanding their product range and reorienting the sales markets. Mastering new innovative directions, will allow achieving production efficiency, getting return on investment, increasing economic benefits in the future. Tesla does not rule out the possibility of investing some capital in a number of altcoins, as they have already done in relation to Bitcoin. 

The transformation of the chairman to "Technoking". Elon Musk's career history at Tesla

The “TechnoKing” of Tesla or the new official  Elon Musk`s corporate name news

In 2004, an investment in Tesla ($6.5 million of total amount in $7.5 million), allowed Elon Musk to become the Head of the Board of Directors. The post had to be said goodbye to in 2018 after Elon Musk announced on his Twitter page that he planned to reorganize the company and make it as a private one by buying its shares ($420/a unit), which he did not implement yet. Because the tweet triggered a price spike in the company's stock, the SEC and the U.S. Department of Justice opened an investigation, which resulted in a pre-trial agreement for his resignation, no right to hold any executive positions in the company for three years long and payment of a penalty ($20 million). Additionally, the Tesla Board of Directors was expanded to include two independent members, as well as a new committee appeared to monitor Elon Musk's publications on the Internet.

The news of the bizarre post names instantly went viral and overshadowed another landmark company announcement , made on March 15, 2021. A report prepared for the SEC said that Jerome Guillen, director of the automotive division, is henceforth a Head of the heavy truck division. 

This decision was made so as Tesla is preparing for its first entry into the truck market, and Guillen's experience allows him to handle matters such as the Tesla Semi program, including the development of a network of charging and service stations.

It's hard to predict what other sensations Elon Musk is capable of, but be sure that he won't stop.

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