What is a chargeback?

Chargebacks Explained

What is a chargeback? Is it possible to get money back from a fraudster? How to use a chargeback correctly? We will talk about all these things in this material. Chargeback - this procedure will be interesting for those who want to return money from a broker or achieve justice after cheating in an online store, investment company, casino, etc. Chargeback is a reversal of a payment (MasterCard, Visa, etc.).

So, chargeback is a real salvation from financial swindlers who steal. Try to resort to this procedure if you do not know:

  • how to return the money stolen by the railway companies and airlines;
  • how to return money to the card if you were deceived in the online store;
  •  how to return dollars that were transferred to scammers for binary trading;
  • how to get money back from scammers (financial pyramids, HYIPs);
  • how to get money back from a casino, etc.

We will tell you in detail what a chargeback is, how to use this procedure and in what cases it can work. The most important thing - do not panic. You need to take action because the time to reverse the payment is limited.

How to get money back from scammers?

For many people, Chargeback is the only chance to punish swindlers and take away hard-earned money. This procedure is relevant even if the fraudsters are registered in an offshore zone (for example, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Vanuatu, etc.). Do you want to know how to get money back from offshore scammers?

The chargeback procedure is regulated internationally. Absolutely all banking institutions should obey it, so many believe that chargeback is even more effective than appeal to law enforcement agencies and the court. Fraudsters are afraid of chargebacks because they may become the subject of sanctions.

Is it possible to return the money sent to the scammer? Yes, of course, but you must remember that this will take a long time. Typically, the procedure takes at least two months (usually from 4 to 6 months). Experts know how to get money from the scam, but immediately warned: you need patience. Payments reversal is usually a multi-step process.

What is a chargeback?

Let us analyze in detail once again: chargeback - what it is and why more and more people are resorting to this procedure. For example, you decided to make money on trading and found a broker through an advertisement. At first everything was fine, but when you tried to withdraw profit, account was blocked. After that, the scammers simply ignore all complaints. The trader has to look for ways to punish the broker and get his money back

In fact, you can go to the bank yourself and try to restore justice. However, without knowledge of the legislation, the chargeback algorithm and the numerous nuances of this procedure, you will only waste time and a chance to receive compensation. It is better to immediately contact a specialized service. Experts will tell you whether it is possible to return the money and help with solving the problematic issue.

How does chargeback work?

Now you know what a chargeback is. It remains to figure out how chargeback works and in what situations it is possible. We must warn you that payment reversal is not always successful. It depends not only on the professionalism and honesty of the service workers who will do the chargeback. There are many different nuances.

In chargebacks are involved:

  • victim - a person who has lost funds in online fraud (how to get the money back is now the main question for him);
  • defendant - a legal entity (for example, a brokerage or investment company, an online store, etc.);
  • the bank that issued the card;
  • the bank in which the legal entity holds its own account;
  • payment system.

How to get money back from the scammer's site?

First of all, you will need to prepare a statement. This is not just a handwritten note. There are certain digital codes and a template by which the situation should be clearly described. In addition, a copy of the application will need to be translated into English. The document must be sent to the office of the payment system.

The experts of this company will already think about how to get the money back from the fraudulent broker. It is imperative to provide evidence that you have become a victim of deception and that your rights have actually been violated. It is good if the contract, phone records, e-mail or social networks have been preserved.

The optimal solution is to rely on those who know how to get the money back from the fraudster's card. They will help you find the evidence and increase the chances for a positive outcome. After submitting a full package of documents and confirming that you have become a victim, the bank will have to study the application and make an appropriate decision. Next, you need to send a request to the payment system. During the entire period of consideration of documents, the recipient's account will be "frozen". Fraudsters will not be able to transfer or withdraw money.

To return the money that was sent to the scammer, you need to study all the nuances of the chargeback. If the decision is positive, you will receive funds within 1 month. But you need to keep in mind numerous "pitfalls". How to successfully do a chargeback? First of all, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of return. Chargeback is real if:

  •  you know how to get your money back through chargeback, and less than 540 days have passed since the loss of funds;
  •  funds were transferred to fraudsters from a bank card (payment reversal is impossible if you used crypto wallets or electronic systems);
  •  you tried to settle the problem peacefully (you have correspondence, telephone records to prove this);
  •  the funds were really lost through the fault of the company (loss of the deposit through negligence is not suitable). Only in this case, you can find out how to return the money. Carefully read the user agreement, where the rights and obligations of the parties are spelled out;
  • you can provide a transaction statement (it should be clear how many dollars/euros were sent to whom and when). Without such a document, it is useless to ask the question “how to get the money back from the broker” and make any attempts.

If the victim tries to follow all the rules, the chargeback becomes really real. The bank should consider the request and begin the refund procedure. Depending on the situation and the size of the damage, it can take from a couple of weeks to 4-6 months. If the financial institution considers that you are cheating or providing inaccurate information, or there is little evidence of scam, the chargeback may be denied. Consider that there is no second chance, because you are already missing your time.

What is a chargeback service?

Chargeback service: what is it and how does it work? We told you what a chargeback is, in what situations it is possible. As you can see, the procedure is specific and requires adherence to a clear algorithm. That is why many people do not want to take risks and make independent attempts to get their money back. They prefer to contact a specialized service. In fact, it is an intermediary between the victim and the bank. The service specialists will independently negotiate with the financial institution, collect evidence, prepare a claim statement, reporting for the client and inform him.

If the victim transferred the money to the scammers, the professionals will tell you in detail how to get it back. It is convenient that such services take care of all the worries and solve the problem issue on their own. The client does not have to be nervous, spend time writing documents and communicate with the employees of the bank in person. Some services are ready to work even with small refunds.

How does the chargeback service work, what are its functions?

Have you been scammed by internet scammers? How to get a refund if you are afraid to undertake the chargeback procedure yourself?

You need to find a specialized service that:

  • will save you from bureaucratic red tape;
  • will take over the writing of all documents;
  • will return the money within the time period provided by law.

Most importantly - do not become a victim of a double deception. Often, such scammers work together with fraudulent brokers. They present themselves as professional chargebacks and re-steal money. Therefore, when choosing a specialized service to which you entrust challenging monetary transactions, you need to be especially careful. The safety of your funds and how successful the chargeback will be depends on this.

How to get money back if you transferred it to a fraudster:

  •  register on a service that deals with chargebacks. It is important to honestly and without errors provide personal information: your first and last name, email address, phone number, etc.;
  • chat with service representatives. Professionals need to understand the situation in order to take further action;
  •  provide evidence that you were deceived (recordings of telephone conversations, scanned copies of correspondence, SMS).

Other troubles will be taken by service specialists who know what a chargeback is, how to get money back in a short time. They will draw up documents in accordance with the requirements of the law and submit a request to a banking institution. Chargeback (Forex, binary options, casinos, etc.) usually involves the provision of a wide range of services.

Chargeback service:

  • will provide analytical, information and consulting services. At the same time, professionals will tell you in detail how to get money back from binary options or take it from other scammers;
  • will prepare a request for a list of required documents. When you provide all the papers, they will be sorted and analyzed to prepare information requests to the appropriate authorities. The package of documents must be translated into English (this is necessary in order to submit an application to the payment system);
  • respond to correspondence and inquiries from banks, payment systems, law enforcement agencies;
  • performs claim work. This includes preparing an application according to the bank's template, sending requests for withdrawal of funds, etc.;
  • provides constant information (you will know all the nuances of how to get a broker to return money) and detailed reports.

If everything goes well, in a couple of months you will take your money from the scammers in full. For professionals, the number of winning cases is usually 90-95%. This is a very good result, given the complexity of the procedure and the high legal requirements for chargebacks.

Are there chargeback services that really help cheated people? You have read in detail about the features of chargebacks, but still do not understand how to get money back from Forex? You should not entrust this important task to the first service. There is a high probability that you will encounter regular scammers who only create the appearance of vigorous activity, but in fact are not going to help.

How to choose a chargeback service that really works?

Pay attention to the following nuances:

  • terms of cooperation. If company representatives require a large deposit to “expedite your review,” bypass this service. There is a specific procedure for protesting monetary transactions and terms within which a problematic issue should be considered. It couldn't be faster;
  • customer reviews. If you have seen evidence that the company's lawyers really work and help participants in questionable Internet initiatives, it makes sense to start cooperation;
  • expert reviews. It's good if you can read the opinion of independent reviewers about a particular service that deals with chargebacks. This will greatly simplify your search for a reputable company.

Are there services that can really help deceived people? Yes of course. Such companies exist and work quite successfully! Pay attention to the "Brokers news". A team of professionals will help you return funds if:

  •  the online store refuses to return money for products of inadequate quality (defects, inconsistency with the declared characteristics, etc.);
  •  you made an advance payment, but the company did not provide services or performed the work poorly;
  • online casino, broker, investment company turned out to be a scam;
  • the railway company/airline refuses to provide tickets or does not return money for them;
  • you have suffered financial damage as a result of cooperation with a blockchain project, cryptocurrency exchange or exchanger;
  • you have suffered due to the actions of fraudulent banks, etc.

Brokers news honestly fulfills all agreements specified in the offer. The company estimates the probability of a payment reversal and informs the user (does not give him empty promises). The efficiency of the work is high, as evidenced by positive reviews and receipts for refunds.

This service is supported by the fact that the rules of cooperation are clearly spelled out, the cost of services is affordable. Brokers news can rightly be called a reliable assistant in the fight against online fraud.

Let's summarize

Evidence of deception increases the chances of success. The reverse payment is possible only after the banking institution carefully examines the circumstances and decides in your favor. To increase your chances of success and get rid of bureaucratic red tape, contact a specialized service. The choice must be approached scrupulously, since there is a high risk of being caught by scammers again.

Brokers news is a reliable company. The effectiveness of the chargeback has been confirmed. The process of reversing payments to a debit or credit card in the hands of experienced professionals works like a Swiss watch. Contact Brokers news if you need legal assistance!