Amazon introduces penalty system for Twitch users
Facebook announced the development of an Instagram version for users under 13
Gifts from Apple: updated FaceTime and Siri, as well as new features for iPhone and iPad
HK $ 5.4bn Biggest Tech IPO 2021: Kuaishou threatens to Eclipse TikTok

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  • Apple held a presentation of the next versions of the operating systems, which the iPhone and iPad owners can already try on their devices.  What's new? Now it's possible to manage notifications, as well as take advantage of multitasking options. Users will definitely appreciate the FaceTime and Siri updates, which...

  • Climate and the environmental health of planet Earth are among humanity's most important challenges. Receiving a new head in 2021, the SEC has revised its list of priorities for the near future and announced. The organization announced that the focus will be on climate issues and ESG. This is not...

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